Sacramento Valley Steel Shooters

Welcome to the Sacramento Valley Steel Shooters Web Site

The Sacramento Valley Steel Shooters is affiliated with and under the control and direction of the Folsom Shooting Club, Inc. Steel matches are conducted on the 3rd Sunday of each month, May through October. All matches are held at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, California.

Match Registration is Now Via Practiscore

Match registration will be via the Practiscore website. You will register and squad through the Practiscore website, and pay when you get to the range to check in. Registration will open Sunday night, 3 weeks prior to the steel match and will close the day before the match. Anyone not squadded when the match closes will be squadded by the match director. Also you may be moved to a different squad if enough range officers are not available on the squad you have chosen.

Also if you plan to not sign up early via practiscore, and plan to sign up as a walk on, you must be at the range and signied up before the shooter meeting. Keep in mind that there may not be slots available for you to shoot, and if you are holding up starting the match on time you may not be allowed to shoot.

If you signed up but are not going to make it to the match, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the match through Practiscore. If the match has already closed and you wish to withdraw, please email the match director, Chad Case. If you sign up and do not withdraw enough times you may lose the ability to shoot the match in the future.

Shooter Limit

Because of the increase in interest of the steel match we are instituting a 60 gun limit per match plus staff guns. If we work together and the matches start ending early this limit may be raised.

Match Day Schedule

Gates open by 7:30 am. Check-In starts at 8:00 am. Shooters meeting at 8:45 am.

Match Fees

First Gun $20.00 - Second Gun $15.00 (2 gun limit per match)
We do not run a club bank account, so please bring cash!